Doing Keyword Research When Picking A Niche

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Sep 14

Keyword research is one of the most important things that we do online. It can be very time consuming depending on how deep you need to go in order to get keywords that you are happy with, but it is well worth the effort and will pay a great return if done correctly.

The most important thing that we need in order to do effective keyword research is a keyword tool. For the purpose of this guide I am going to be using WordTracker’s free tool, due to the fact that everyone has access to it.

Before we start though, it is important to understand that for the most part these tools make guesses at the results that they give. For example, in one niche that I am in, all of the keyword tools that I have used said that a particular keyword was only getting 1 search a day. This is funny to me, because I currently get 30 visitors a day to one of my sites based on that keyword. The point I am trying to make is there is a little bit of wiggle room in the results that you get.

WordTracker reports results based on a daily search volume. This means that if it shows the number 5 after a keyword that it is searched for approximately 150 times a month.

Normally, a guide like this would go into a long drawn out ramble about how you should do keyword research and it would be really boring and you would lose interest.

I’m not going to do that. I’m going to show you how to cheat your way through keyword research.

This is by far the easiest way that I have found to research keywords and has helped me to expand out into different niches and even given me some great product ideas.

I’m going to give some examples here and try to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along. I want you to understand exactly what I am doing and how I come up with the numbers that I come up with. Make sure that you have a web browser open and ready to go.

For example purposes we are going to be researching keywords that relate to the relationship niche. It will work for just about any niche though. As a matter of a fact, I have not found a single niche that I have not been able to do my keyword research in this manner with.

Open up in your browser. Now because we are using the relationship niche as an example I am just going to type in a random keyword in the search box. I am going to use “relationship problem advice”.

When I do that, the first article that shows up for me is this one:

When that article opens, I really don’t care what it says. Basically, I just want to take advantage of the fact that this person has probably spent hours researching the niche and keywords. So, what I am interested in is the keywords that they are going after.

To get that information you want to look at the source code. To do that, simply right click somewhere in the article and choose the option to “view source code”. When you do that, this is the part that we are concerned with:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”ways to end relationships, questions to ask before ending a relationship, get your ex back”


This tells us that the keywords that he is going after are “ways to end relationships, questions to ask before ending a relationship, and get your ex back”.

Lets take the first one of his keywords which is “ways to end relationships” and put it in keyword tracker. When we do that, we see that it is searched for 520 times a day.

Next, go to Google and enter the keyword with quotation marks. Surprise, only about 8,000 competing sites!

Now save that keyword and move onto the next one. When we put “questions to ask before ending a relationship” into WordTracker we are told that this term is searched for 324 times a day. When I check Google there are only 416 competing sites!

At this point we have 2 keywords with high daily searches and low competition. Now, you may have to go through a couple articles in
order to find good keywords, but it still only takes a couple of minutes and it is much easier than the way that the “gurus” tell you to do your keyword research.

You will want to continue looking at articles and checking the source code until you have somewhere between 10 -15 keywords that you are comfortable with. It should not take you long.

One thing that I will say is, I’m not sure if this niche is profitable or not. I have never marketed to it so I have no idea how the niche converts or how much money you could make which these types of products. One thing that you can do to see what people are marketing when using these keywords is to simply follow the links in their resource boxes.

This will allow you to find out what kind of affiliate products are out there and give you some ideas about how you can monetize the keywords that you find.

Some people might find this method of keyword research unethical, I don’t though. As a matter of fact, I think it is a very smart way to find keywords that we can use quickly without a ton of effort on our part.

The great thing about this method is, it will allow you to get involved with just about any niche that you want to enter.

If you put any base keywords in the search box at Ezinearticles you are going to come up with a ton of articles and can easily see what keywords people are trying to rank for. How much more of a sure thing can you ask for?


Once you have your list of keywords together that you are going to be working with, list them in order of daily searches. Since we are going to be dealing with relatively low competition, the number of competing sites does not really matter that much.

When checking Google for the competition of the keywords, keep a careful note of how many Adwords campaigns are showing up. Obviously if you can find a keyword that is getting a couple hundred searches a day, low competition, and a decent amount of Adwords campaigns showing up, you very well could have found a jackpot.

There are many things that go into deciding which keywords are “the right ones.” One thing to keep an eye on is keywords that have negative value in them such as “free”. While you will surely find a ton of keywords with these types of words in them, often times they are simply not profitable.

Lets say that you do find some keywords that generate a ton of visitors, but no sales.  What do you do then?

Well, the first thing that I would recommend is to change the product that you are trying to sell them. It could just be that the sales page or the offer does not appeal to people the way that you thought it would.

If after changing the product you still don’t see any sales coming in, you might want to consider adding Adsense to either your own self hosted site or to a free platform like Blogger.

This will give you another revenue stream, even if it is only a couple of dollars a day, it still adds up over time.

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