Sep 14

Doing Keyword Research When Picking A Niche

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Keyword research is one of the most important things that we do online. It can be very time consuming depending on how deep you need to go in order to get keywords that you are happy with, but it is well worth the effort and will pay a great return if done correctly.

The most important thing that we need in order to do effective keyword research is a keyword tool. For the purpose of this guide I am going to be using WordTracker’s free tool, due to the fact that everyone has access to it.

Before we start though, it is important to understand that for the most part these tools make guesses at the results that they give. For example, in one niche that I am in, all of the keyword tools that I have used said that a particular keyword was only getting 1 search a day. This is funny to me, because I currently get 30 visitors a day to one of my sites based on that keyword. The point I am trying to make is there is a little bit of wiggle room in the results that you get.

Sep 12

Introducing Teaser Opt-In Pages

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Aug 08

How To Pick An Online Niche With A Clear Head

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How To Pick An Online Niche With A Clear Head


A majority of the success that you will have in Internet Marketing will be derived from your mental toughness. This is important because many of the things that you read and many of the products that you buy online set you up for failure.

What do I mean?

If you go and find just about any sales letter that is selling a product that has to do with making money online a couple things should jump out at you.

The first thing is, the claims of instant income that pours into your bank account the minute you buy the product. Many of these claims are crap and the sooner that you realize that the better off you will be.

What happens is, you buy a product, read it, and start to implement what it teaches and if you are not rich overnight you somehow feel that you have failed, but hold on a minute….

In reality, the person that sold you the product has failed, for the simple fact that they have set your expectations in a way that they are impossible to meet.


Understand right off the bat that the people that make money online are the ones that stick it out, the ones that put in the extra hour, and the ones that fight through the days of no sales.

You have to decide right now, are you going to be one of the successes or are you going to be one of the people that gets stuck in a rut and throws in the hat only to try something else and fail too?

If you are looking for a quick fix or push button system to solve all of your financial problems, this guide is not for you.  If however, you are willing to put the work in and follow a system that has proven to be successful, read on and lets get to work.



One of the things that it seems like people struggle with the most is picking a niche to jump into. One of the main reasons is, many systems and guides tell you to pick something that you are passionate about or something you love….

There is a problem though!

If you are anything like me, you can’t go to a website like Clickbank and find something that you love or even anything that you are passionate about.

So, what I want you to do is to pick a product that is going to make you money. The question is, how do you know what product that is?

Well, there is no silver bullet, no real way to look at a product and know whether or not it is going to make you money. There are however, ways of telling whether or not it is more likely or not that the product could be a winner.


When deciding which product is right for you, there are a couple things that you can look at.

Gravity – This can be found in the product description at ClickBank. This number basically tells you how many affiliates have sold at least one unit. The higher the number, you can assume that the product is selling well and that the sales page is proving to convert.
Sales Page – Take a look at the sales page for the product. Does it interest you? Does it look professional? If you were in the market, would it compel you to rip your credit card out of your wallet and make a purchase?

Information – How much information is readily available online? For instance, if you are in the dog training niche and type “dog training tips” into Google and the first thing you see is an extensive step by step system to train a dog, that is free. There is a good chance that people will not buy what they can get for nothing. This might be a sign that you should look at another niche. If however, there isn’t a whole lot of free information, but enough for you to research and get information for articles and other advertising, you probably found a good product to market.

Affiliate Resources – Most of the time, for every product there are 3 or 4 vendors on ClickBank trying to sell the same thing.


Some of them give you things like articles, graphics, free reports, and other information that will help you in marketing their product. The bigger head start you can get, the better. This is a resource that I think many people overlook. Some of the affiliate resources even go as far as to give you a list of profitable keywords that you can start your campaign with.

All of the things above combined can guide you to making the right decision when you’re trying to come up with the right product for you to promote.

The most important things out of what was covered above are the
sales pages and the information sections.

You want to pay close attention to the sales page. If it makes you think that it was just quickly thrown together or if you look at the sales copy and think to yourself “ who in the world came up with this”? You might want to look at other similar products and skip over that particular vendor. Make sure that the process from beginning to end of the site is smooth. You want the headline to grab your attention and for there to be plenty of opportunities for the visitor to buy. Another thing to look for is to see if there are bonuses being given. Many times, the bonus that a product comes with make it a no brainer in and of itself.


Another very important thing to look for is “leaks”. This refers to the ability of the buyer to purchase the product through another payment processor. What you want to do is follow all of the links and make sure that your affiliate ID is still showing up at the bottom of the page. From what I understand, this is not as big of an issue anymore, but definitely something to watch out for.

One other important thing to keep an eye on is whether or not the vendor is collecting email addresses on a squeeze page. If they are, do yourself a favor and sign up. As you start to get emails from them, follow the links inside the emails and make sure that your affiliate ID is still intact and that they are not replacing yours with theirs. There has been some talk recently about vendors possibly stealing commission from affiliates in this manner.

Keep in mind that there is more than likely more than one person selling the same kind of product, so you do have options. Once you find a niche that you would like to get into take a look at all of the different vendors and see which one you think gives you the best opportunity to make a sale by sending visitors to the sales page.

The information portion is also going to play a huge part in your decision. As I said earlier, if someone is giving away for free what you are trying to sell, how many do you think you will sell?


Chances are, you might still get a couple sales, but not enough to make any type of long term passive income.

Our main goal is to find a niche that we can settle into, do the initial work, and then collect money from it for years to come. This is exactly the reason that it is so important to do thorough research. By doing so, we are making sure that we have set ourselves up for success.

Jul 08

Reshaping my home site

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Hi to all those who visit,

Im starting to reshape this site for those doing searches on me and laying it all out here.

just a quick post to say subscribe or bookmark us.