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Aug 21

You probably have not heard of Michael Cheney before today but he is a known and prosperous online marketer who has just introduced his My Millionaire Mentor 2011 program. Regardless of your actual level of online marketing proficiency, this man would appear like the perfect person to help you move onward in your Internet business ventures.

Guessing from his video presentations, Michael Cheney is likable and he likes to remark that he was not born into a rich family and simply became prosperous through his own endeavors. Through his own life experiences, the aim is to demonstrate that anyone can duplicate his success if they follow the right methods both mentally and in the means by which they approach establishing a prosperous Internet business. He could give the impression of a self-taught business person but he continues that after a couple of years of going nowhere, he realized that he needed mentoring by someone who was already prosperous on the Internet. Since having a mentor worked out very well for him, he has now produced a training program applying this approach.

Getting through a few of of the sales hype for My Millionaire Mentor 2011, we will take a look at what you can really expect by way of instruction. The training structure is straightforward enough: an introductory video series then you can go on to listen to audio recordings and go over the audio transcripts. There are a few personal mentoring videos that you can view to discover how Michael Cheney’s mindset informs his thinking about the way to set about online marketing. Outlook may be the determining factor between two individuals who both possess the same training to be online marketers but one makes more money than the other person. Cheney emphasizes that half the battle to win a piece of Internet wealth occurs in the mind where the weapons are self belief and a drive to be successful on the Internet no matter what. Next, he exposes how to employ the mindset well to his specific money making methods, which are used in affilliate marketing or later on selling your own product.

After laying the foundations to start making money, the training extends to more advanced areas such as Internet business JVs to develop the business and increase earnings. This program does not address all the nitty-gritty technical things that you are going to face which are extensively discussed elsewhere online for which he gives references. Nevertheless, if you wish to establish an online money making venture that will flourish for a long time, then this program is going to show you how to do just that.

However, Keep in mind, however, merely having Michael Cheney as a mentor does not ensure you will be successful – you are going to have to put his methods and thinking into practice. You could do a lot worse than to use My Millionare Mentor 2011 as a stepping stone to having a prosperous Internet business..

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