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Video Profit Surge Review

video we all know how powerful it is
but are you taking full advantage of it in
your business

if you want using video to the fullest
the you’re basically throw money down
toilet okay

he is a true fact people that visit
sites the head video on them
stayed on that site up to 100 percent

compared to those sites they didn’t and
the longer you have a visitor on your

the better chance you have for making a
profit from that visitor
but thats only half of the solution

the other have interactive
options in the videos that you visitors
are watching

just think if you could easily capture
lead while the video was playing

or boost your social signals how much would that help your business

or even better what if you could put a
call to action right
in the video this can be linked to a CPA
offer and affiliate offer or even a
product you own

and what if you could overlay using
HTML on any video with any banner or image
that you choose now I know there may be other solutions
they can do some other items but not all

in one package and definitely not with
all the incredible features
a video profit surge and the best part
is you can have any

or all these options up and running in
five minutes or less introducing video
profit surge

the incredible wordpress plugin that lets
you make sales in build
email list with ease by using the power
of video

and not just your videos any video on

or vimeo as well let me show you just
how incredible

and easy video profit surge let’s go in
and take a look

after you can stop video profits surge
you see the menu

right over here and we’re press area
before we make a video

let me show you the incredible power
built in the list

with video profits surge you can choose

any other popular email services to
integrate with or you can put in your
own form code

which ill show you how to do in a moment
but even if you don’t have a
autoresponder you can use video profits surge to
collect any leads

and mail them at anytime with the
newsletter option

right here now there’s no excuse if you
don’t have an account with the more
popular email services
video profits surge still allows you to
build a profitable

and massive email list that you can mail
to at anytime now let me show you how powerful

features a video profit surge is and
how it can benefit you

let’s first start but added a new video:

will add a title I will do great home

now we choose from a video sources you
can upload a video of your own

or use vimeo or youtube I’ll go
ahead and choose YouTube for this

next but the url the video you want to

if you want you can choose the thumbnail
the video by using the option here

putting your video size dimensions and
choose from the options here

to have more control how you want the
video to function

I’ll select Yes to autoplay yes to allow

and yes to high controls but you can mix
and match it

how you want now lets select save and continue edit
now let’s go to the optin tab up here
and select Yes to include the opt in box
depending on the settings that you have
for the autoresponder
that’s gonna show up here you can choose
any on the on a responders that you have
or you can select to put in the optin
form code

also like I said earlier you can select
local list option

elect video profits surge collect leads
and subscribers for you

that you can mail to later I’m going
select local list for this example
then select where I want it to
display in the video

I’ll choose middle and put in seven
seconds now in a headline and some text
choose my text color and I can see how
it will look

right here next choose whether or not to
allow for skipping
then select either background-image: or

a background color for this example out
choose a color

select the optin background passing in
for this example we’ll leave it as it is
and then choose an option for my optin
button background

okay then Im gonna save it and continue to

now I’ll go to the social lock tab here
and choose to include the social lock
and just like before we have a number of
options to choose from
for the sack of time out you too few
options but as you can see

we have a lot of flexibility when it
comes to video profits surge

so I’ll have it at the beginning how to
custom page to share

I will allow for skipping and choose a
color for the background

you can also add image if you like out
lead the social background opacity the

and choose button colors here now now

and continued at now let’s go to the
call to action tab here

and once we select to include a call to

will have a number of options just like

so I also like to include a call to
action at the end

put in some button text and the URL to
redirect to

if I want I can also automatically
redirect the visitor to any website at

by selecting the option here I’ll leave
be allow for skipping option the same
as well as the action background and
then select the color

I’ll leave the action background a
passing the same and select the
background color for the buttons
if you want you can also choose to add

okay now less saving continue and let’s
go to the final tab

which is that HTML overly will select
yes here

and now we can overly any banner or
image anytime you want

in the video we can choose the position
in also where we wanted to show up
we can choose how long it appears here
and whether or not you want to pause the

video when it appears
I’ll choose allow skipping and choose a
background color

and just like before you can also choose
a background image if you like
and will finish up with the options here
as we did before

and then click on Save and Close now
will be taken to the manage video

well we’ll see a list the all the videos
we’ve created

you want to we can edit any video we
want by simply holding our mouse over

the video
click on Edit we can also see any stats
with the videos we created as well
if you want to clone the video you can
do that also over here we have two

we can choose to put a short code into
our WordPress site
of we want to embed this anywhere on the
web we can choose the copy and embed code here
and as you can see will have HTML code
that will show our video with
all the features intact so you never
feel lost

but that’s only a portion of what video
profit surge can do

you can see more about this amazing
software can do

by viewing the options on this page so as
you can see

video profit surge is incredibly easy
to use

and has a ton a powerful features to
help you build

and monetize your current sites is so
simple that even my 11-year-old could

use it
with incredible features such as
effectively lead generation
social locking your videos easy call to

and dynamic HTML overlay you’ll be
a video monetizing master in no time
but even if you do get stuck don’t worry
the plugin has built-in tutorial pages
that makes it

easy to find the answers you need
immediately but to take it a step

I’m gonna make sure you get up im
running with dark dynamic
and truly passionate helpdesk as well as
live support

but that’s not all I wanna make sure you
feel 100 percent comfortable
with mine no risk money back guarantee

so there you have it isn’t it time you
put the power in your hands the capturing

Leads player
making sales and boost the social signals
with simple videos

video profits surge can help you do just
that starting in the next five minutes
so there’s only one more thing left to
do the

go ahead in use the action on this page
to claim your copy

a video profit surge by doing so
you’ll be light years ahead of the
competition don’t you have the same

advantages you
by using video profits surge in for only
a small investment today

you can become a video monetizing master
now lets review video profit surge and bonuses
so go ahead and get access now you’ll be
glad you did

A Lead Player For WordPress Video Player

Great Features and Benefits You Can Expect
If you want to give your website an edge above your competitors, it helps to add videos that will keep your audience engaged and compelled to support your business. Moreover, videos offer a creative and exciting means of captivating the public’s attention. So, if your website stands out from the rest in your niche, then you will get a good chance of receiving more visitors that can significantly boost your profit over time.

Fastest Way to Send the Right Message
For people who have barely enough time to read a lengthy blog, a custom video provides a more efficient way of sending your message in a way that site visitors can quickly understand. Although quality content is still essential in any website, adding a video complements your article and offers a stronger impact to your readers. In just a few minutes, your audience can easily digest what you are trying to tell them by simply watching that video you have posted on your website.

Keep Them Engaged
What better way to engage and entertain your audience than to add a custom video to your website. If people like what they see and there is value to the featured video on your website, then they are more likely to become regular visitors. In addition, these people will find more reasons to visit your website often and spend several minutes as they view your videos.

It is also worth noting that videos has a greater advantage over lead generation software boxseveral other forms of content such as photos and blog posts. After all, a video does not simply tell about your business, but it shows people exactly what you are wanting to say. Thus, videos can get your audience actively engaged instead of merely passively reading your content.

Video Profit Surge – What It is All About
Why settle on having a few visitors each day, when you can generate leads and increase your revenue from the videos you post on your website? With Video Profit Surge (VPS), you can monetize your videos by receiving a steady stream of visitors that are essential to your business. The impressive set of features and capabilities of this tool can help you make the most out of your videos, which will enhance your earning potential.

Generate Leads With Built In Lead Generation System 
VPS comes with overlay tools that you can use to gain targeted leads from your custom videos through viral sharing and opt-in forms. What’s more, you can even add this plugin to videos you post in YouTube, Vimeo or Self Hosted. You can overlay as many videos as you want, and you may even use the tool’s iframe embed or shortcode when you add a video to your website or html page. If you wish to give your videos a personal touch to your audience, then you can do so by using the html editor option for creating video overlays with html and css.

Social-Locking Videos Made Simple 
With VPS, you can social-lock a video whenever you wish, and you can even modify this later on. Furthermore, all your other videos found across the web will re-adjust, so that should take the stress out in managing your videos. You can also use this plugin with some of today’s popular social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. As a result, you can expect to maximize your content’s social shares – thanks to this brilliant feature available at VPS.

Let People Know What to Do Next
Calls-To-Action are essential components of any content as these let your audience know what exactly you want them to do next after watching your videos or reading your blog posts. VPS has a special feature that allows you to add clickable buttons, strategically located at the top of your videos. These buttons are catchy enough for your visitors to see, so you can expect them to take quick action after viewing your video.

Customize Your Videos the Easy Way
Don’t settle for mediocre videos that people never want to view. VPS lets you add catchy images as your video’s background, and it also overlays lead generation forms to further boost your leads and conversion rate. Even if you lack advanced technical skills, you will have no problem with coding because VPS comes with design templates and html editor to make things easier for you. Strengthen brand awareness by incorporating your company logo to your videos and keep track of the interactions and visits to your posts using VPS.

Maximize Your Profits with Video Profit Surge
Getting someone to check out your website is one thing, but encouraging people to visit regularly is another. With engaging and relevant videos, you can send your message and add value to viewers who will be more than eager to share your content to their network.

Video Profit Surge makes possible everything you want for your videos – for monetizing, generating leads and taking the right action for your company’s success. So, give this plugin a try and see for yourself what it can do to make your videos more compelling and more profitable than ever!

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