The best places to enjoy a BBQ in the UK

Having a BBQ is a great excuse to get together and enjoy the company of friends, especially when the chance to take advantage of the warm weather arises.

While most people have their BBQs in their back gardens, there are so many other opportunities to make the most of the outdoors as the UK is full of amazing grill spots.

Holidays are often the best times to have a BBQ, whether you stay with friends, in a caravan or even in a tent. They add to the already exciting atmosphere and can even help you make new friends. Cornwall is full of beaches, sand dunes and grassy areas to get those BBQ meats on the grill and have a fantastic holiday.

Similarly, Wales is also a great place to stock up on the best BBQ meat packs and meet with family and friends in the great outdoors. West Glamorgan, for example, is full of hills and beautiful scenery, with several camping opportunities to make the most of.

Scotland has many open expanses and beautiful areas to visit, and with many offering the perfect backdrop for a grill-focused get-together. The country is full of rugged scenery and lochs to feast your eyes on while enjoying freshly cooked award winning sausages.

The UK is certainly full of many prime BBQ spots, but it is important to make sure you get permission before you start cooking. Some areas are better left undisturbed but there will usually be designated cooking spaces nearby.

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