The secrets of making a quality burger

It can be difficult to determine the best burger, as each one will have been prepared and cooked in different ways, all of which can affect the taste. There are even different types of meat used to create burgers. For example, grass fed beef and dry aged beef have different textures and tastes, so burgers made from these will each have their own uniqueness.

While the title of ‘best burger’ may be down to personal taste, there are a few guidelines one can follow to ensure taste is paramount whatever meat is ordered from your online butchers.

A burger on its own is nothing more than a gourmet sausage without the extra casing. It is for this reason that the way burgers are prepared and cooked is not limited to just slapping it on the grill. Forming your own burger patties from beef is the best way to start creating the best burger. This eliminates additives and ensures your meat is seasoned just how you like it.

When buying from online butchers, it is usually beneficial to check the fat content of each type of beef on offer. The best burgers have around 22 to 30 per cent fat, but it will be up to your tastes as to what cut of meat you settle upon.

When it comes to grilling, your patties need to be cooked thoroughly but not overdone. If the grill is too hot or too low, they can cook too fast and your burgers will heated inconsistently. The best heat to aim for is medium high, with consistent checks carried out throughout the process.

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