Upcoming US conference aims to highlight latest beef trends

Beef trends are often similar in the UK and US, as new products or consumers enter the market every year. One event being talked about in the US at the moment is the upcoming Cattleman College Conference, which is scheduled for March 9th. It will be 24 hours long event to inform people about the latest trends within the beef business.

The main topics to be discussed are the changing trends within the beef industry, new consumers in the market, animal identification and the importance of selecting a sire for grass fed beef production. Experts attending the event include a professor of animal science, a veterinarian, council members and farmers.

According to the professor, US beef producers are now required to identify their animals permanently in order to ensure traceability in the event of an outbreak. The Cattleman College Conference will inform people about the precise regulations and how to comply with them.

It has also been said that a shift in the consumer market is affecting all sorts of beef production, including grass fed beef. Since grass fed beef is said to be the healthiest type for consumers, the conference will address the importance of understanding consumer demands and also the importance of selecting a sire in beef production.

Overall, the conference is aiming to focus on improving beef quality and achieving satisfaction among consumers. The conference will also include sessions that will inform producers on the different aspects of the beef industry, as well as presentations from farmers who deal with beef on a daily basis.

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