Salt Aged Galloway Packer Brisket


The point and the flat of the brisket together. Cooked right there is simply nothing that tastes better on a barbecue!!!

Servings: 10/15 people

Farm: Deep Clough Farm

Farmer: Nathan and Carole Brown

Breed: Galloway

Maturation: Grass Fed & Up to 8 Week Day Dry Aged

Box Contents: 1 x 5kg Min Weight

As all you slow cook barbecue connoisseurs out there know the packer brisket is the king of the slow cook cuts!! It’s widely used in America by barbecue specialists who spend hours concocting various rubs and sometimes marinades to inject it with then slow cook it for hours and hours. The cut is from the lower chest of the animal, it’s a big piece of meat because both sections of the brisket are left together the point and the flat. It’s not the sort of cut you find down the local supermarket!!
The Packer definitely needs to some love and attention. The good news is there’s almost endless blogs and recipes online from various American BBQ champions and Pitmasters who will show you how to prepare and cook it and if you get it right there is simply nothing that tastes better!!!

Weight 5 kg
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