Beef remains in high demand across the world

As of May 17, wholesale beef in the U.S. rose for the fifth week in a row, which is the longest streak since July of 2011. More cattle are being processed in the U.S., as well as the UK, since grass fed beef and dry aged beef are often used in home recipes because cooking at home is also on the rise.

Beef is a favourite food item within the UK, as it can be used for a variety of different meals and cooked in several different ways. It has the benefit of being nutritional as well as tasty, so kids love it too. This love of beef is mirrored in other countries, so it is little surprise that demand for beef has been rising in the U.S..

The demand is so high that the drop in prices that had originally been forecast did not occur, and the percentage increase was not expected. The rise in prices has set a record, which most experts did not predict, and future predictions remain uncertain among some.

The general consensus is that while producers are continuing to make money, they will continue to provide for the demand. Dry aged steak is a popular food choice for many people as it is rich in flavour and has many nutritional benefits. Most people see a future with continued high demand for cattle, especially in the UK and the U.S. where beef burgers are one of the most popular foods.

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