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Norfolk Bronze Cooked Turkey

Christmas is the time of the year wherein families and friends gather together to celebrate the joy of the season. Of course, the merriment will never be complete in the absence of food. In fact, once the holiday season starts, many weight watchers are already declaring cheat days in advance, anticipating that they will be eating more than what they should. One of the staples during the holiday feast would be a Norfolk Bronze turkey. It is the king of the table and one that will surely chowed down first before all others.


Buying a turkey for your Christmas feast is never going to be an easy feat. Thinking about the size and where to buy are some of the most important factors to consider. While there are many options, you will be confronted with; one of the ideas you can consider would be buying from an online butcher. It offers the benefit of convenience, among others. As you continue to read the rest of this article, you will know more about how to buy free range turkey online, and more importantly, where you should buy.


Essential Considerations in Buying Turkey


As you decide where to buy turkey, there are factors that should be taken into account to find the right one. One of the first things you should be thinking about would be its right size, making sure it is not too small or too large. To start, you should consider how many people will be eating which will then be the basis of the size. According to experts in food preparation, it is best to prepare between 1 to 2 pounds of turkey per person who will attend the party.


It is also recommended to buy only free range turkey, which is known not only for being flavourful, but also being rich in terms of its nutritional value. These birds are known for not being confined inside a cage but are allowed to roam around the yard. The increased mobility is believed to be helpful in developing their muscles, which allows the meat to be more complex and full with flavour. While it is free range, you might also want to buy one grown in a natural and organic manner, which makes it free from toxins and other chemical hazards.


As you look for turkey from an online butcher, another consideration would be whether to buy one that is fresh or frozen. If it is fresh, it will generally be more expensive but will offer the benefit of being quicker to cook because there is no more need to thaw. On the other hand, when it is frozen, you first need to have it thawed either in the refrigerator or through having it submerged in water.


Where to Buy Free Range Turkey Online


For most people, going to the supermarket is going to be the default choice with regards to where to buy turkey. However, this may not always be the best thing to do because of its several disadvantages. For many, this is going to be inconvenient because of the need to travel. Considering it is the Christmas season, you will surely have a headache as you try to compete with other shoppers finding the perfect meat and you may end up taking forever being queued in the cashier. You cannot be also assured of the freshness of the turkey as you are unsure with regards to when they have been stocked.


As an alternative, you might want to consider buying from an online butcher, such as in the case of Albert Matthews. We can provide you with the best Norfolk Bronze turkey to make the holidays more memorable. We have been engaged in the business of selling quality meats since 1935. With decades of experience in the business, we have already mastered the art of offering nothing but the best in the market. After all, if people are not satisfied with our meats, we will most probably be no longer be operating today.


As we are an online butcher, we can provide you with the assurance of offering the most competitive prices, which is significantly lower than what can be offered by supermarkets. In the same way that our prices are affordable, we also make sure of the freshness of the turkey we sell. We deliver our products chilled, and never frozen, which is a good way to retain the freshness and flavour.


At Albert Matthews, we also take pride in having been recognised by many for the quality of the products we are offering, including our Norfolk Bronze turkey.  We are awarded by some of the most prestigious organisations in United Kingdom, which is a testament to the superiority of our products, not only turkey, but all other meats we are also offering.


Most importantly, it is the convenience being offered by Albert Matthews that makes it the perfect choice when searching for the perfect online butcher. All you have to do is pick up that phone, let us know what you need, sit back, relax, and wait until your turkey is delivered. You can even give them as a gift, and we can take care of the delivery of the meat. We also have an astounding reward system to allow you to earn points, which you can use for your future orders. With all of these things, without a doubt, Albert Matthews will make the holidays more memorable with our high quality Norfolk Bronze Turkey, amongst other meats.

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