Cooking steak: sous vide or BBQ?

Those who love meat know that cooking steak is a process that takes finesse and care. The fact is that if a steak is not cooked at the correct temperature, the quality can be affected and it can be a big disappointment. To get it just right for your tastes, you should consider the different cooking methods which are available.

Sous vide – French for ‘under vacuum’ – is a method that cooks the food in a vacuum pack at a specific, pre-set temperature. It is said that this technique keeps in the juices and flavours that other cooking methods might lose. This method also allows you to keep a very precise control over the temperature so there is no risk of undercooking or overcooking.

With more conventional cooking methods, the meat is heated at a faster rate on the outside and the centre can be harder to get to those high temperatures; sous vide solves this issue.

Although many food experts would say that sous vide is a very good method for cooking steak, some people believe that it still difficult to replicate the flavour that BBQ meats offer. Personal preference should be taken into account when cooking steak, but BBQ meats are often preferred because of their feel and the way the cooking method gives them a certain texture.

The general consensus of many online butchers is that as long as the meat is piping hot before serving, it has been cooked properly. The only factor after that is flavour, and for this, BBQ meats are very popular.

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