Corn fed chicken, mushrooms and leeks – a top recipe

There are plenty of recipes that involve chicken breast, but there is nothing quite like following the advice of a top chef.

Paul Heathcote, a highly successful restaurateur, has a delicious recipe which involves blending some common food items to create something worthy of the dinner table.

Paul has many ideas for dishes but in his chicken, mushrooms and leeks recipe, he likes to use a specific type of meat. Goosnargh corn fed chicken is his favourite for this dish, and it can be purchased from online butchers, although it might be hard to source from an everyday supermarket. He also prefers wild mushrooms because they have a different flavour to normal varieties.

To begin, fry the corn fed chicken breasts with the skin side down. Do this until the meat is golden. You can then add a finely chopped shallot and white wine, along with water, so it can simmer for a few minutes. This should then be put into the oven so the chicken can be left to cook right through.

Next, drain the liquid from the pan after removing the chicken and bring it to the boil in a different pan. Then add mushrooms, the rest of the butter and the leeks, and put the chicken back.

In order to suit your own tastes, you can add or remove any seasonings or extras as you wish, but the most important thing is to use corn fed chicken for its succulence.

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