Junior Livestock Show crowns its winners

The importance of a healthy meal is increasingly becoming a focal point in the media and the news, so more people are investing in the right types of food. Grass fed beef is one of those foods that can make a great tasty meal filled with plenty of nutrients.

When it comes to promoting the best kinds of food, a sure way of ensuring the message lasts throughout the generations is to get the youth involved. The Halifax County Junior Livestock Show, held at the end of April in Virginia, crowned some of the youths for showing off their livestock, highlighting the importance of raising healthy animals.

There are many livestock shows held annually that promote the goodness of grass fed beef and the importance of healthy livestock. Shows like the Halifax County Junior show are great examples of starting the young off early, giving them a valuable early insight into the job of rearing cattle and other animals.

Participating in this year’s livestock show and auction were 28 young people, with many of them being crowned winners for their various livestock. One of the young people involved was a high school student who received first place for her senior cattle showmanship.

There were a mixture of livestock involved and many winners, and the event was said to be a success for all those involved. Getting the youth to participate is a great way to open their eyes to the ways of farming, including how best to raise cattle and other animals.

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