Top recipes using duck legs

When it comes to trying out new recipes, it can be a little daunting to begin with as you’ll no doubt want to make sure it turns out right. Duck legs, however, are a brilliant item to try out with different recipes, and there really is a long list of ways to incorporate them into a meal. Jamie Oliver especially loves cooking with duck, which suggests it is certainly worth a try.

Perhaps one of the simplest recipes is duck goulash soup. Duck legs are brilliantly mixed with the vegetables, and it is up to you what extras you add. This meal is ideal for a starter or a lunch meal, and is very tasty.

Roasted duck legs with a red wine sauce make a great dish for the coming winter as they are full of flavour and warmth. Slow roasted duck mixed with the sauce is the perfect match, and with vegetables and mash, you can make a meal perfect for the whole family.

Duck casserole is also a delicious recipe to try out. All you need is your fresh duck legs and a standard casserole recipe, which could include spices and wine. The casserole is great for family meals as once it is cooked, it can be shared out easily.

Jamie Oliver himself provides a delicious recipe of duck legs with plums and star anise, and if you are an aspiring cook or just want to try out something new, it is worth having a go at this recipe.

Duck legs are not the hardest item to cook, so you are guaranteed to have a tasty meal.

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