What to eat with black pudding

Black pudding has a distinct texture and flavour, and while it’s not for everyone, it has become a popular delicacy in the UK. People come from far and wide to try the famous Bury black pudding, for example.

Its ingredients vary throughout the world but the main ingredients are the same, and Bury black pudding is one of the most renowned varieties.

When it comes to sitting down to eat the black pudding you’ve recently ordered from your online butcher, it can either be enjoyed on its own or as part of a meal.

The Bury market black pudding is often eaten on the go but some people like to prepare it with a meal. At this point, you may be wondering what you can eat it with.

The good old English breakfast fry up is a fine place for a black pudding. Bacon and black pudding makes a delicious combination, and you can even combine them in a salad or a stew for a different meal.

Black pudding and lamb is another combination fit for the dinner table. Some suggest unrolling the loin of a lamb and placing the black pudding inside before roasting it in the oven with some seasoning.

Onion is another food that black pudding goes great with. You can even include other elements with this as well, such as leeks and potatoes. Ultimately, black pudding is loved for its taste and its versatility, so it is suitable for whatever meal of the day you fancy it.

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