A man commits to having a BBQ every day for a year

As BBQ season approaches, most people will be whipping out the old tools and buying some fresh BBQ meats, grilling up to make the most of what little sunshine the UK will be lucky to have. One man in particular is not waiting for the sunny days: Matthew Hartley has committed to having a BBQ every day for a year in order to raise money to adopt a rhino.

BBQ meat packs are often most available during the summer, as this is the time when most people get outside and enjoy the feeling while they can, but Matt Hartley has taken it to the next level. His love of BBQ steaks and desire to adopt a rhino has motivated him to undertake a year of BBQs come rain or shine – a challenge his friends don’t think he can do.

According to Hartley himself, being South African means he was taught to BBQ shortly after being taught to walk, so the challenge in itself should be second nature to him. Using his love of the South African BBQ and desire to prove his friends wrong, Hartley believes he will complete the challenge with no problems.

His BBQ meals naturally include Britain’s favourite, the BBQ steak, as well as other variations like pizza or curry pie thanks to his girlfriend’s demands for some variation. Sponsorship proceeds from the challenge will go towards the adoption of a rhino back at his home in South Africa.

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