Sir Bury Black Pudding

In 1992 Benita Moore wrote the following poem about Prince Charles’s visit to Bury Market and Chadwick’s Black Pudding Stall.


Sir Bury Black Pudding Or “How the Bury black Pudding was knighted”

Now I’ll tell you a tale ‘bout Black Puddings

The most luscious ones you’ve ever seen

And how they were knighted by Charlie

In lieu of his mother the Queen


Charles wer up on a visit to Bury

Round the market – ‘twer raining as well,’

When Charles stopped in his tracks in amazement

And asked: What’s that wonderful smell?”

“Tis Black Pudding Stall, Charlie, yer Highness,

Oh yes, Bury is famous for that

And there’s Mr Chadwick as meks ‘em

In his clogs and his chequered flat cap.”


“Take me there” ordered H.R. Highness,

“That aroma makes me feel quite merry.

I’ll take one for myself with some mustard

And one without salt for Prince Harry.”


Well, Mr Chadwick wer taken quite flustered

When he saw who appeared at his stall,

So also was his daughter Mary

Who med the Black Puddings ‘an all.

Said Charles: “Gosh, they don’t half smell lovely

They’re the blackest ones I’ve ever seen.”

Bill Chadwick said: “Charlie, I’m honoured

An I’ll mek one reet special fer’t Queen.


Well Charlie enjoyed ‘em so gradely,

He ordered two pounds tied-up neat

To take back to Buckingham Palace

An give al’t Royal Family a treat.

Bill Chawick wer quite flabbergasted

To get orders from Englands’ top swell,

So he gave him the bag of Black Puddings  fer nowt

And some tripe and some elder as well!


Charlie thanked him, then as he was leaving,

A thought entered his royal mind

Of how to reward Mr Chadwick

Seeing as he’d been so kind.

“Come sir, let me knight your Black Puddings,

Of their goodness the country I’ll tell.

They’re a superbly luscious concoction

And a credit  to Bury as well.”


Well, Bill Chadwick wer thrilled to his merrer

And piled t’puddings up on his stall.

Whilst Charles took his royal umbrella

And knighted them, each one and all.


So next time you see a black pudding,

Don’t think it’s beneath your cuisine,

Remember, it’s knighted by Charlie

And enjoyed by his mother – The QUEEN


From “The Funny Side of Life” by Benita Moore, A.L.A

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