Bury Black Pudding – The History of

Chadwick’s Bury Black Pudding

You have to go as far back as 1810 to a find the first reports of black pudding being made in Bury. A small shop called Casewell’s made them and sold them at their shop at 60 union street. The next reports are from 1865 onwards when a Cumberland wrestler called Joshua Thompson  would make Bury black puddings in the cellar of his house on East Street. His great grandson, Harry Reddish was the first person to start selling them on Bury Market along it’s Moss street frontage in 1929, and continued until his death 43 years later in 1972. It was his nephew Kenneth Young who inherited the stall but it was taken over by Edwin (Eddie) Chadwick.

Edwin Chadwick originally started out as a butcher in 1971, his premises were located on 247 Burnley Road East, Waterfoot. Like any butcher’s shop, Edwin sold a range of different products and black pudding was just one of the the side lines. However word started to spread quickly about the quality of his black puddings and demand for them started to increase.

Mary Chadwick with the huge Bury Black Pudding made for the Bury Hospice Charity.

It was in 1972 when the opportunity for Edwin to take over the Black Pudding Stall on the market presented itself as before the reputation for his black puddings continued to increase along with the trade. By 1974 the black pudding trade had grown to such a level and become so time consuming that Edin decided to close the butchery side of the business and focus solely on producing black puddings.

Skip to present day and Edwin’s daughter Mary and her husband Tony Sinacola now run the business. Mary used to help her father make the black puddings when she was just six years old. Tony and Mary make between 1.5 to 2 tonnes of black puddings a week and supply local restaurants, hotels and wholesale butchers.

The basic ingredients of black pudding are pig’s blood, barley, oatmeal, pork fat, rusk and herbs. The actual recipe of Chadwick’s black pudding is very much a secret and only known by Tony and Mary.

Many famous people have visited the stall in Bury Market including Prince Charles, Ken Dodd, Julie Goodyear and Pat Phoenix. In 1998 Chadwicks made a huge black pudding for the Bury Hospice charity. The enormous pudding was over 40 feet long and weighed over a 115 lbs.

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Chadwick’s Bury Black Pudding

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