Fluffy cows get the Facebook treatment in America

With a high demand for meats such as dry aged beef and grass fed beef, selling livestock for harvesting or breeding is a huge business. Recently, a decades-old beautification of cows process has been given a Facebook page, specifically dedicated to ‘fluffy cows’.

Within the cattle show industry, the process of grooming and beautifying a cow so that it resembles a large poodle is well known among breeders. The cattle receive a beauty pageant treatment to add the extra fluff that gives them their name, and this includes being washed and dried, brushed, and treated with special oils. The process itself is meant to help the cattle to be sold for harvesting or breeding because it gives them a uniquely fluffy coat.

Although this is an old process that has been used for decades, only recently has it received significant internet attention. After a picture og Texas Tornado, a male fluffy cow from the state of Iowa, started circling the Internet thanks to Matt Lautner, a Facebook page was created dedicated to these special fluffy cows in order to promote them.

Lautner helps raise fluffy cows at Lautner Farms in Iowa and owns Texas Tornado, the male fluffy cow that has caused such a storm. Lautner is hoping that his use of social media will raise awareness of the industry and deal with the positive response to the fluffy cows.

More info about Fluffy Cows can be found on its Facebook page

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