Galloway Brisket


Slow cooked and pulled, Brisket is a great alternative to mince in a chilli or a ragu.

Servings: 4/6 people

Farm: Deep Clough Farm

Farmer: Nathan and Carole Brown

Breed: Galloway

Maturation: Grass Fed & 35 Day Dry Aged

Box Contents: 1 x 1kg

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Brisket is a great value cut and much underrated. Brisket is packed with flavour and a perfect cut for slow cooking. It is tradtionally used for pot roasting but brisket has been gaining popularity as a cut that can be slow cooked and pulled and used as an alternative to mince. This works particularly well with chill and bolognese.

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Perfect for our  – Amazing Pulled Chilli Brisket Recipe

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