Free Range, Herb Fed Chicken Supreme


Herb fed Chickens are tradtionally farmed in Small flocks, hand fed, allowed to roam freely and over ten different herbs are included in their feed.

Servings: 4 people

Farm: Shires Farm, York

Farmer: Edward Wilkinson

Box Contents: 4 x 350g

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Edward Wilkinson and his team have been producing top quality, free range poultry on his farm in York since 2009. Originally working in London he decided to up sticks and move back home to Yorkshire to follow his passion for farming.

The importance placed on husbandry and a traditional farming ethos mean the birds are kept in small flocks, fed by hand and allowed to roam freely around their pasture, this produces exceptional poultry but Edward wanted to take things a step further and started to introduced a variety of ten different herbs into the feed which produces a flavour in the birds that is difficult to beat.

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